Our Preschool Program

Little Sprouts Daycare + Preschool, LLC is a vision that was created by three passionate moms that are trained and experienced in Early Childhood Education. Each classroom is staffed with a teacher and an assistant that will oversee the daily routines and schedule to support the growth and development of the children at our center. Below you will find information about our Preschool Room.

Preschool Room

Ages: 4 - 5 years old
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:10
Room Limit: 20 children
Lead Teacher: Rachel Riley
Daily Charge of $26 for full time (4.5+ hours/day) or $16 for part-time (1 to 4 hours/day)

It’s time to learn, play, and prepare for Kindergarten! Your preschooler will engage in: 

  • Free choice/centers that will consist of a variety of activities with age appropriate materials that help promote growth in the following areas: self-help, communication, social, positive self-identity, fine and gross motor, sensory, language, and cognition.

  • Opportunities to learn persistence when working at tasks, direction following, and good listening skills

  • Focus on language and literacy skills, as well as interactive book reading

  • Emphasize on teaching children problem-solving skills

  • Help children expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary

  • Learning skills involving the alphabet, numbers, name, and spatial awareness

  • Focus on scientific thinking skills as well as information about the everyday environment, the world, and how things work

  • Emphasis on teaching early literacy and mathematics through a variety of activities and projects

  • Opportunity for preschoolers to engage in music, art, and dramatic play

A daily schedule includes group time and activities, free play, story reading, outside time, quiet time, eating, and preparing for school. 

Each preschooler will be provided with their own locker, cot (for quiet time), and a bin for personal belongings. Parents are to provide pull-ups and wipes if needed, a change of clothes, and anything else special your child may need (special pillow or blanket).